Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Most of the interior removed!

This evening was very successful again. All these parts were removed tonight: Steering wheel, steering rack, heater & blower unit, petrol tank, accelerator pedal, complete wiring loom and the whole dashboard. (The dashboard is NOT used, but needed to be removed to access everything behind it) The lowest picture shows all that needs to be removed from the interior now is the handbrake, gear stick and complete clutch & brake pedal unit.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Wiring loom removed from around engine

This evening I have manually written down where each connector off the wiring loom plugs into items around the engine bay, and then unplugged the lot. The whole wiring loom forward of the bulkhead is now arranged in a spaghetti formation resting inside the car! The next job is to remove the dashboard and get the whole loom out from the car. I just hope all my hand written directions/instructions prove to be correct, Haynes manual at the ready if not!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Donor car up and running!

Today I put the new battery in the donor car, cleaned all the spark plugs, reset the points gap distance, cleaned out the distributor cap, and I'm relieved to say it started first time! I have had all the wheels off and the breaks appear almost brand new. Whilst under the car, I have checked all the suspension components, and most of the other parts I will need, and everything is in good order. I have driven the car around the garages and all seems very well indeed. This will be the last time the car is complete as from next weekend onwards, I shall be stripping every last nut, bolt and part from it. RIP WJO354X, you shall live again soon!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Donor Car

I managed to get the donor car today, a mk1 fiesta with a 1.3 engine. For a small fee, the scrapyard even delivered it! As it was on top of 2 other cars, the scrapyard worked out the best way of moving the car down was to use a large fork lift truck, and put the forks straight through the front windscreen, then lift the car down to the ground! The wheels came off a fiesta van, as the car was sat up there with none on it. Once the car was delivered back to my garage I managed to get the engine started using a temporary battery. The donor car supplies all the running gear for the kit car, including the engine and gearbox, steering column, rear axle, suspension ect. At the end of stripping the donor car I will be left with the chassis (bodyshell), both doors, all the windows and the interior, all of which will be thrown away. (So it didn't matter that the scrapyard wrecked the roof of the donor car!)

Sunday, August 07, 2005

The colour of my Jester!

These photo's have somewhat faded over the years, but the actual colour is a very bright, very glossy orange. Trust me on this, it DOES look excellent, just wait till you see it in the flesh.

More Jester Pics

This orange Jester belongs to Tom Hanauer and is very special, it's a 4 wheel drive Jester! (Called the 4x4xJester)

Deposit sent!

My deposit was sent off to Harlequin Autokits last weekend, the manufacturers of the Jester, with a possible delivery date for the chassis and bodyshell of early September. I have chosen a bright orange colour for the bodyshell, watch this space around then for more details and photo's when it all arrives!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Jester pics

My Jester will be a normal, right hand drive version. If you look closely at the yellow Jester you can see the chassis loosely placed inside the bodyshell for delivery to a customer. (Not mine)

Jester Kit Car

Hi, my name is Trevor and over the next few months you can follow my build of the "Jester" kit car.