Sunday, October 02, 2005

New Jester

The last few days since Thursday have been a bit of a mad panic finding all of the Jester's in the UK that are for sale. (At the right price!) This morning I went to a place near Southend on Sea who have a mostly complete Jester for sale. It is not yet road legal, needing to go through its SVA (Single Vehicle Approval) and needs registering with the DVLA. The SVA is kind of like a "super mot" where every aspect of the car is checked, it takes about two and a half hours normally. (EVERY kitcar needs to go through this.) The reason it's for sale is that it was part exchanged for another kit at this dealership. I will still use most of my donor parts, stripping off the current running gear from the Jester. This includes the engine and gearbox and full suspension ect...... The asking price including delivery of the kit was very low indeed, much less than the cost of the chassis and bodyshell when new. It does have its flaws, but they will be ironed out over the winter. It does have to be said that the colour is much better than the photo's look, it is a slightly pale yellow colour, but it is quite bright and very glossy when you see it in the flesh. Delivery of the Jester will be at some point next week. Check back soon!