Saturday, October 08, 2005

S.V.A Preparation

All kit cars must go through a government test called the S.V.A (Single Vehicle Approval) This is like a "mega MOT" that can take towards half a day to complete. The test checks for things like the quality of the build, brakes, windscreen, windscreen demist device, seat belts, tyres, speedo, emissions, any sharp interior or exterior projection likely to cause injury, right through to does the steering lock work and even asks that all lights and rear reflectors on the car have approved lenses with relevant approval quality markings on them. This list is nowhere near the full test, its quite daunting to be honest! Today was spent doing some of the easy work for the SVA test, like removing the front headlights along with front indicators and the rear fog light. None of them had the approval quality markings on them, so its off to buy some more. I fixed the windscreen washer motor which was seized solid, but some WD40 soon put that right! I also ordered a mk3 escort speedo cable as the fiesta one is a slightly tight fit in the Jester, I am reliably informed that the escort one will slot straight in as a longer replacement.