Tuesday, December 06, 2005

SVA test passed!

The Jester has passed the SVA test! I still can't quite believe it! The day started at 6.30am, with the drive to the Yeading SVA centre. (It made it there fine this time, no issues!)
The test took just over four hours to complete, and the car failed on three items. The driver's door mirror did not have a wide enough field of view, the battery was not fastened down and the drivers side rear brakes were coming on before the passengers side.
Complete with this news I bolted home and replaced the driver's door mirror with a spare I had in the garage, the battery was fastened down securely and I removed the rear brake drum. Inside was years of gunk and dust, having cleaned everything up and reseated everything, all seemed to be OK and I couldn't get it to stick any more.
I then drove back up the M4 again to Yeading for the inspector to look at my three items of failure, all of which passed!
I am now dealing with the DVLA to get the Jester registered and taxed and on the Road. Watch this space!